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Collections are made via our sister company, Bradleys’ Furniture Carriers Ltd. All lots are photographed on site then your goods are carefully wrapped before being transported to our modern and clean packing area which is covered by CCTV.


Our usual process starts with the item being wrapped in acid free tissue, bubble wrap or overseas wrap, then boxed and surrounded by void fill to stop any movement. Items such as border fine arts which no longer have their original boxes are packed in expanding foam which moulds around the piece forming a perfect cushion whilst in transit.


Paintings are packaged in acid free paper and bubble wrapped, then picture covers and protectors are used before being shipped to you in purpose built picture cartons.


Your original receipt from the auction house is supplied with your Lot as proof of a commercial invoice.  Any Cities or export documents can also be arranged when required.


Bradleys have over 50 years experience packing and delivering your most precious items

For sales and service, please call 01325 281 332

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